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Easy DIY Mad Hatter Tea Party Ideas

    Make invitations that resemble playing cards, tea bags, and top hats to invite guests to your Alice in Wonderland-themed party.

    Decorate a long table with various teapots, mismatched cups and saucers, chandeliers, and teacups of different sizes (ranging from standard-sized cups to dollhouse-sized). 

    Combine regular-sized teacups with huge ones or smaller dollhouse-sized teacups (for an eclectic feel).

    Make rabbit paw tracks on the floor or paint them to look like looking glass tunnels, then decorate your door to look like it has stopped at tea time!

    Make a hat

    These exquisite hat-themed decorations bring an element of whimsicality to your Alice in Wonderland party. 

    Each sign boasts stunning vintage floral patterns, an Alice-themed pocket watch, key and hand design, and an ornate ribbon for hanging.

    These signs would make an impressive statement at the entrance to your party or as directional signs for guests finding the tea table in your venue. With two sides being double-sided, they can be displayed in various ways for maximum effect!

    Add an elegant tea party setting by placing a long table under a canopy of trees or in a clearing surrounded by tall bushes and flowers, covering it in a colorful cascading tablecloth, and then scattering teapots, cups, dessert trays stuffed with pastries, and cakes onto them, plush toys of Cheshire cats and Dormouse plush animals around it all!

    Make a top hat

    Make your adult tea party truly magical by including the whimsical landscape motif popularized in Alice in Wonderland. 

    Arrange a long table beneath a canopy of trees or in a clearing and hang wooden birdcages painted in whimsical colors above it. Add colorful teapots, cups, and dessert trays filled with cookies and treats throughout this festive scene!

    Instead of purchasing or making tiny top hats from scratch, deconstructing paper coffee cups is an easy and affordable solution. Their flat plastic brims provide the ideal pattern to cut from cardboard once traced onto this DIY Mad Hatter tea party hat template!

    To assemble mini hats:

    • Apply an inch or two of hot glue on the underside of each circle and spread an even coat across its entire surface.
    • Fold or pleat the netting as you push it into the hot glue; once all the netting has been folded over and secured in its place, slide your headband through both slits of netting slits until all netting folds over completely and slides off easily.
    • Finish it off by adding feather or ribbon trim at the base to cover raw edges while adding flair and extra flair to fascinators’ fascinators’ designs.

    Make a crown

    An elaborate crown can make dressing up like Mad Hatter fun and creative! Try this DIY project for an effortless look: make one from lace fabric or a scrap of tulle tied around an old blazer, or tie several onto a signature-size card for an authentic-looking costume.

    Set up either one long table or multiple smaller ones and cover them with a pink and white tablecloth to match the theme of your event. 

    Add mismatched teapots and cups – some filled with real tea while others filled with juice or cocktails – on top of it all for an overgrown effect. 

    If possible, put these on pedestals or underneath glass domed cloches to complete this look.

    Make the table more festive with decorative clocks to combine the time motif that’s so popular with Alice in Wonderland parties. 

    Additionally, guests will love having double-sided signs featuring quirky directions, vintage floral patterns, pointing hands, and keys – perfect to set an unforgettable atmosphere for an event celebrating magic!

    Make a tiara

    Tiaras are essential elements of Mad Hatter Tea Parties, and creating one yourself is easy! Just combine a wire hairband, some colorful craft ribbon, and felt. 

    Tie a bow before gluing a felt flower onto it for added elegance! For an upgraded look, consider adding rhinestones as embellishments!

    Elena created an adorable Mad Hatter tea party for both of her parents’ 86th and 87th birthdays, complete with tablescapes featuring adorable tipsy teacup towers down each table’s center and handmade clock napkin rings from red acrylic napkin rings with 3-D clock faces she found at Michaels.

    Recreate a whimsical Wonderland landscape at any bridal shower, birthday party, or wedding reception with these Mad Hatter party decorations! 

    This kit includes 4 meters of gorgeous Alice in Wonderland teapot bunting featuring gorgeous illustrations of March Hare and Cheshire Cat; dainty paper plates decorated with gorgeous floral illustrations by Alice as well as vintage floral patterns perfect for themed afternoon tea parties or any special event!

    Make a hatband

    Hatbands are one of the key components to creating a Mad Hatter costume. You can make one yourself from fabric or purchase an adorable one at your local thrift shop or $2 store. 

    Corrine from ThreadBanger suggests cutting a piece wide enough to cover the brim of your chosen hat and sewing around its edges before embellishing it with 10/6 labels, pins, and some feathers to complete your look.

    Elena used this idea when setting tables for an Alice in Wonderland bridal shower she hosted last year. She placed a vintage clock atop the sideboard in her dining room and filled pedestal dessert trays with sweets, antique decanters and bottles, and pastries for guests to enjoy.

    Add clocks as decorations throughout the space as a nod to the time theme of your event, whether that means decorating cake tables or serve stations with clock motifs or creating quirky directions with vintage floral patterns and pointing hands that help guests navigate easily around.


    As we bid farewell to our whimsical journey down the rabbit hole of creativity, these DIY Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ideas have shown that enchantment can be crafted with a dash of imagination. 

    From fanciful decorations to eccentric treats, hosting your tea party need not be a mad endeavor. 

    Embrace the quirks, colors, and peculiar charm of Wonderland, and you’ll find that creating an unforgettable Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is as delightful as the tales that inspired it. 

    So, let your creativity run wild, and bring the magic of Wonderland to life in your wonderful tea party!

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